Jury deliberates if men are responsible for New Hartford officer's death


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The fate of three men charged in a local jewelry store robbery that led to the death of a New Hartford Police officer is in the hands of a jury now.

At 10:00am Friday in Federal Court, the jury requested a read-back of testimony regarding several things brought out at trial. Among those include a conversation between Marion Pegese and his girlfriend the day after the robbery. During that conversation, they talked about "getting rid of the J," or the jewelry.

All three men, Robert Ward, Toussaint Davis and Marion Pegese, who are from the Philadelphia area, are facing conspiring to commit robbery charges both at the Lennon's W.B. Wilcox on Commercial Drive back in February of 2006 and also at least one other robbery in New Jersey. They are also facing the charge of murder of New Hartford Police Officer Joseph Corr.

The man who actually shot Officer Corr, Walter Richardson, was shot and killed in a police shootout in Philadelphia the day after the robbery.

Joseph Corr's parents are present at Friday's proceedings along with other family and members of the New Hartford Police Department.

There's no word on how long the judge will let the jury deliberate. If a verdict is reached, be sure to check

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