Man accused of shooting Sheriff's Deputy after bank robbery waives felony hearing


FLOYD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Brian Brown is charged with robbery and attempted murder after allegedly robbing the NBT Bank in Rome and shooting Sheriff Deputy Michael Burger as Brown tried to flee.

On Thursday, Brian Brown waived his right to a felony hearing, and now a grand jury will hear his case.

Brown's attorney, Edward Kaminski, says that his client is regretful for the situation.

"As I said previously, he is remorseful of all the circumstances," Kaminski said. "He is remorseful of the situation he is in. He's remorseful for the way that everything transpired."

Brown is still being held in Oneida County Jail without bail.

Brown's cousin, Ikiko Brown, waived his right to a felony hearing on Wednesday.

Assistant District Attorney Grant Garramone says that the specific charges presented to the grand jury will be determined based on a review of the facts of this case, physical evidence, and witness statements.

The charges Brian Brown faces are very significant, and if he's convicted he would likely receive a double digit sentence.

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