Police on the hunt for Rome man accused of robbery


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Oneida County Sheriffs Department are on the prowl for a 21 year old man who is accused of robbing his girlfriend.

Police said Daniel O'Brien and his girlfriend were involved in a domestic dispute Friday afternoon in the Verona/ Vernon area and then they say O'Brien forced his girlfriend and her 18 month old baby to go to her bank in Rome and withdraw money from her bank account.

Police say O'Brien fled the scene after getting his hands on an undisclosed amount of cash. They spent the evening looking through that mobile home park, looking into vehicles and talking to neighbors to find out when and if they had seen him.

Seargent Scott Kahl said at this point police have enough evidence to arrest O'Brien, "When your doing this kind of work like this...more specific to this, any vehicle and traffic law is enough probable cause for me to stop and inquire and see what's going on. There may be things on an everyday I wouldn't stop for you know license plate lamps, stickers on windows, things like that you may not stop on an everyday routine business patrol but you would in this case to try and get into the vehicle and see what's going on in there."

When found, O'Brien will be charged with robbery.

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