Police seeking information on Thursday's fatal shooting

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A Utica man is dead and his killer is still on the loose after a shooting Thursday evening off Oneida Street.

An argument on Dickinson Street, right off Oneida, ensued between the 25-year-old victim, Andrew Mateo, and another person. Mateo was able to drive away after being shot in the shoulder and ended up driving his car into a building at the corner of Oneida and Memorial Parkway.

"The victim was in a car sitting in the driver's seat and it appears he was having an argument with a person standing outside the car," Sgt. Steve Hauck with the Utica Police Department said. "At some point, a shot was fired and struck the victim.

"The victim fled in the car, turned south on Oneida Street and got by the Fastrac at the parkway. He started to lose consciousness, lost control of the car and crossed over the median between Pleasant and the Parkway."

Police are not saying right now if anyone else was in the car with Mateo. Witnesses are not telling police the identity of the shooter, however it is not clear if they are refusing or they honestly don't know who it is.

If you were in the area and saw anything that could help the investigation, call UPD at 223-3510.

Police have not identified a suspect and no description is available. Police are interviewing people, trying to get a better idea who the victim was, learn more about him and his life and are hoping that will tell them something.

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