UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Trenton Town Supervisor and former Oneida County Republican Chair has rejected a plea offer to a sexual abuse charge. Mark Scheidelman is accused of improperly touching a 10-year-old boy in November of last year. "To have accepted any offer may have been an indication that there was just a little bit of guilt someplace and there is none. This is a case where this defendant is 100% innocent," says Scheidelman's attorney, George Aney. If convicted of the felony, Scheidelman would no longer be allowed to serve as Trenton Town Supervisor. His attorney would not disclose the terms of the plea offer extended by the Oneida County District Attorney's Office. It is not known if it would have included prison or jail time. Scheidelman's trial begins May 20. There is no mandatory prison time on conviction of the d-violent felony Scheidelman faces. If convicted, his sentence could range from probation to a finite time period of between two and seven years in state prison.