Two pit bulls taken from owner after animal cruelty charges


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Utica woman is facing several charges after Utica Police say her two pit bull dogs were taken from her due to animal cruelty. One dog was a puppy.

Authorities said Friday that 25-year-old Jessica Pulluaim was found to be not taking care of her dogs when they searched her Kemble Street home for drugs.

An animal control office was called to the scene and found an eight-week old male Pit Bull puppy with severely infected eyes. The second dog, an older female Pit Bull, had severely overgrown nails and infected ears, due to clipping. The dog also had moderate mange present on the skin.

Both dogs were taken away from their own under the suspicion of animal cruelty, specifically failure to provide veterinary care. The dogs were put under the care of the Stevens Swan Humane Society.

A veterinarian would later examine and treat both dogs, according to Utica Police. The veterinarian found several infected wounds above both eyes of the puppy, apparent from some sort of punctures and that the wounds were obviously untreated.

Upon examining the adult Pit Bull, police say both ears appeared severely infected and that it was obviously untreated for a very long period of time, adding that it could not be cured at this point due to the extreme scarring present.

Pulluaim, the owner of the two dogs, agreed to relinquish ownership of the animals.

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