Former school bus driver found guilty to endangering welfare of a child

By WKTV News

TRENTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - A former Holland Patent bus driver accused of helping facilitate a relationship between his 23 year old son and a student on the school bus was found guilty last week of endangering the welfare of a child.

Michael Newland Sr was convicted after a two-day trial in Town of Trenton Court.

Newland Sr introduced his then 23-year-old son to a 16 year old girl who rode the school bus that Newland Sr drove. That introduction then led to a sexual relationship between the student and Newland Jr.

Michael Newland Jr is already out of jail after pleading guilty to third-degree rape and serving six months behind bars.

He faces fines, probation and up to a year in county jail when he's sentenced in Town of Trenton Court in October.

Newland Sr still faces charges in Herkimer County for allegedly having contact with another under age Holland Patent student while she was at his home in 2009.

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