State Police: Other victims of sex trafficking ring still out there

By WKTV News

State Police are looking for any other possible victims in a sex trafficking ring recently broken up in Oneida County.

According to authorities, the most recent arrests of nine people in regarding to the sex trafficking ring stems from the prostituting out of a 16 year old girl.

State Police say the girl was a runaway who was picked up by a cab driven by Jakeem Penn and then handed over to Alexandria Davall. Authorities would not say the name of the cab service in which Penn worked for.

Davall then allegedly handed the teen over to Lynette and Edward Tilden, of Utica, who began using the internet to sell the girl for the purpose of sexual acts.

If you have any information about these individuals or information pertinent to the investigation into this or other possible victims, you are asked to call the New York State Police at 315-366-6000.

This is a news update. Stay tuned to the Live at Five Newshour and NEWSChannel 2 at Six for more details and check back to later tonight.

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