CAMDEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Two more dogs have been seized from a home in Camden where just last week a dog was found severely emaciated. On Friday, May 17, authorities found a dog named Lainey in a rusty cage at the end of a driveway on Babcock Road in Camden. Lainey, a four year old Australian Shepherd mix was extremely emaciated, weighing just 15 pounds when she should have weighed at least 45. "He didn't feed her for months. He didn't water for months," said Sarah Starczewski, the Operations Manager at the Humane Society of Rome of Lainey's condition. Despite the shelter's best efforts, Lainey did not make it and died Monday morning. Now shelter officials say authorities have seized two five month old puppies from the same home. The two, five-month old puppies are in care of the shelter and although they are currently full of worms, officials say they seem to be doing well. Charges have not yet been filed in the case, but the Oneida County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating. Starczewski says she has been told that the person who lives on the property told officials that Lainey was not his dog, but his ex's, whom he is in sort of battle with. A Facebook page has been set up calling for Justice for Lainey.