New Kimberly Simon case information revealed on America's Most Wanted

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors are hoping some national exposure will help them finally solve the murder of Kimberly Simon.

'America's Most Wanted', broadcast all across the country Saturday night on the Fox Network, announced that Oneida County District Attorney investigators have uncovered a promising new lead in finding out what happened the night of September 19th, 1985 when 16 year old Kimberly Simon was murdered.

Police are saying Simon was murdered during a satanic ritual party at "Three Bears" in New York Mills, a popular party spot for young people back in the eighties.

On the show, investigators announced there were two female witnesses to Simon's murder. They have identified one of those witnesses as Allison Scranton. Scranton was born in 1967 and attended New Hartford High School until 1983.

Scranton's aunt, Irene Scranton, who lives in Clinton tells us that Allison lived a troubled life and passed away in 1997. Irene Scranton says she just hopes this case will finally be resolved.

Investigators say Allison Scranton had previously come forward with information and believe finding other people who spoke with Allison about what she saw, may be the key to unlocking this mystery.

Investigators hope the national broadcast will alert people who might not be aware that the case has been reopened, and encourage them to come forward with information.



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