New DNA information to be revealed online as Fox reruns Kim Simon episode of "America's Most Wanted"

On Saturday night October 23rd, Fox Network's America's Most Wanted will again be airing the episode concerning the death of Kim Simon.  The episode, first aired in March of this year, has produced numerous leads which Investigators are still following up on.  The episode will be aired in its entirety, with no changes. 

However, Investigators with the Task Force have been working closely with AMW Staff to remake AMW's website dealing with the Simon Tragedy.  The site will contain updated information concerning the ongoing investigation and also reveal startling new DNA Information.

Investigators have released information regarding the DNA testing currently being conducted.  Witnesses that are vital to this investigation have advised investigators that a second female was observed to be with Kim Simon on the night of September 18th 1985.  Investigators now have a DNA profile of an unknown female, developed from previously submitted evidence that is consistent with this fact.

Investigators have recently received a significant second positive DNA result.  This "hit" involves the presence of male DNA on the evidence.  This DNA profile has now been linked to an individual that was identified as being in the area of where Kim would eventually be found.  This individual had been questioned during the original investigation.   However, due to the timing of this notification, Investigators were not able to get this information posted to the AMW website.

Viewers are asked to visit the AMW website and contact the show or the Task Force with any information dealing with this investigation.  The Task Force also would like to remind viewers that what is being depicted in the episode is based solely upon information that has been provided to the investigators by individuals that have come forward.  If anyone has information that may not be consistent with what you are viewing, they ask that you contact AMW anyway as investigators are looking into all information.

It is also possible, that due to the Fox Network coverage of the National League Championship Series, network programming may be pre-empted if the start time of game six is changed or the game goes into extra innings.


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