Fugitive of the Week Donald Wilson arrested in Utica

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Another Fugitive of the Week has been arrested after airing on NEWSChannel 2. Donald Wilson was arrested Tuesday night on Wall Street in Utica.

After being named the Fugitive of the Week, the Utica Police Department received numerous calls with tips with one leading to his apprehension and arrest.

Wilson was wanted for obtaining welfare by fraud and two counts of criminal contempt. Those charges stem from domestic violence charges and violating an order of protection.

U.S. Marshal, Jamie Farrington, was confident that the marshals would find Wilson, despite the fact that the fugitive did not have an extensive criminal record.

Farrington says it was important to one individual in particular that Wilson is obtained. "He's already showed through his prior actions that he's willing to be physically violent with the individual in question," Farrington said. "And having been ordered by the court to leave the subject alone, and he's decided not to, it's kind of important for us to get him off the street before anything else occurs."

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