Charges dismissed against man accused of fight with Frankfort Police Chief


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Criminal charges against a Frankfort man are dismissed, but the legal saga between him and the Village Police Chief continues.

Harold Griffin faced disorderly conduct, harassment and resisting arrest charges stemming from an incident at the Stewart's Convenience Store in the village. On Wednesday, the prosecutor - Herkimer County District Attorney John Crandall - asked a judge to dismiss the charges. Crandall said the fact that village police officer Samuel Ameduri recently signed a sworn statement claiming police chief Steven Conley asked him to change his testimony about the Stewart's incident, then physically assaulted him when he refused, made the case difficult if not impossible to prosecute.

"Obviously, recent events create a situation where further prosecution of this matter may result in the appearance that one of the main witnesses, a law enforcement officer, may not offer truthful testimony," Crandall said. "This significantly and adversely affects the overall credibility of the people's case."

Griffin's attorney Mark Wolber said that Wednesday's dismissal adds strength to his client's civil suits pending against the Village of Frankfort.

"Since there are no convictions, this is going to make it much easier for us to establish our position in this case," Wolber said.

Griffin's civil case regarding an election night scuffle with the police chief is currently underway. Griffin was acquitted of harassment charges in that case. Wolber said the civil case involving the Stewart's incident will be filed shortly.

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