Marra at sentencing: "It is my family and friends that do believe in me"


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Isidoro Marra, owner of the Villa Isidoro in Richfield Springs, was sentenced to 18 years in prison Thursday for raping a woman who fell asleep in the lobby of his bed and breakfast.

Herkimer County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Carpenter wanted Marra to get the maximum sentence of 25 years, but Marra's attorney, George Aney, argued for the minimum of five years.

Marra was convicted of rape at a trial in April.

Roughly 75 people were in the court on Thursday, as a show of support for Marra. Roughly another dozen sat in on the sentencing on the victim's side.

Before sentencing, Judge Patrick Kirk mentioned that 70 letters of support had been written to him expressing support for Marra and insisting upon his innocence. Judge Kirk said those letters also asked for a lighter sentence than the maximum 25 years.

Both the victim and Marra got a chance to talk, the victim saying she "will never live a normal life again."

"I did nothing to deserve this," she said. "Justice has been served, you are where you belong."

It is a policy of NEWSChannel 2 to not print the names of victims of sexual crimes.

Before he was sentenced, Marra said he was innocent and only guilty of being a good person and a hard worker. Marra spoke through tears for about five minutes before the judge.

"This is tearing my family part and destroying my life, but I don't care about my life," Marra said. "It is my family and friends that do believe in me."

"As I told you during the trial, I don't second guess what a jury's job is and I don't second guess what the judge's job is," said Jeff Carpenter. "I think that is right in line with the facts in this case and I think it's a just sentence in this case."

The paperwork to file an appeal was finished and ready to go Thursday morning, said Attorney George Aney.

"The only shining glimmer of light, and I think it's a bright one, is that in all cases of this type in nature, no matter the outcome for the defendant, these cases are always finally determined at the appellate level in Rochester," Aney said.

Aside from the 18 years in prison, the 61 year old Marra received a 15 year post release supervision sentence and a 20 year order of protection.

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