HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Four men charged with stealing information from Fiberdyne Labs in Frankfort all accepted last minute plea deals on Tuesday in Herkimer County Court. Prosecutors say that while working for Fiberdyne, Matthew Paoni, 52 and Daniel Caiola, 31 gave quotes to two customers on what it would cost to do some fiber optic testing, but they then used that information while working for another company called Transworld Fiber Optics in Herkimer at the same time. Transworld secured those two contracts. "They secured work through receiving information through their jobs at Fiberdyne Labs and Transworld did the work for those customers in place of Fiberdyne Labs," said Prosecutor Don Gerace. Paoni and Caiola were sentenced on one count of misdemeanor scheming to defraud, to a one year conditional release, meaning they will get no prison time and no probation, as long as they don't commit a crime for one year. "The case is done, it's over and they made no admissions they had done anything wrong, and we still believe to this day that they didn't do anything wrong," said Mark Wolber, Matthew Paoni's Defense Attorney. "There was another business that was started, it competed with Fiberdyne, that was Transworld. This is something that happens everyday in our economy, that businesses start up and one business competes with another. There's no crime in doing that." The owner of Transworld Fiberoptics, Ronald Scalise, 52, pleaded guilty to one count of attempted criminal impersonation for amending a business certificate. He renamed his company called Transworld Import and Export to Transworld Fiberoptics illegally, so the company which secured those contracts never existed. A fourth defendant, Michael Caiola was a fiberoptics tester with Fiberdyne who also did work for Transworld under the contracts gained through the knowledge of Matthew Paoni and Daniel Caiola. Caiola accepted a plea deal of two trespass violations and a six month conditional release. Each of the men still face a civil lawsuit filed by Fiberdyne.