Officials: Duofold fires could be work of kids, vandals or squatters


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - The investigation continues into a fire at the vacant Duofold Plant in Ilion Wednesday night.

In a case of fortunate timing, an off-duty deputy fire chief happened to be going by the plant and noticed smoke, enabling a quick response to the fire before it got out of control.

Fire officials found evidence of many small fires that burned themselves out, possibly started by kids who skateboard at the building or squatters. Fire officials found two live fires still burning Wednesday afternoon, and say they were set on purpose, but they're not yet sure why.

"They said accelerant was used, they could see the pour patterns, so, we're not sure if it was squatters or kids inside. We know kids have been in there skate boarding. The owners have had problems keeping it secure," says acting Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Pedersen.

Pedersen says the building was stripped of copper and other valuable scrap metal, so investigators aren't sure if vandals may have set the fire in order to cover their tracks or perhaps kids or squatters set it.

The investigation continues.

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