Three arrested in "Pumpkin Patrol" in Schuyler

By WKTV News

SCHUYLER, N.Y. (WKTV) - State police say they have arrested three people for allegedly stealing pumpkins from a pumpkin patch in the town of Schuyler.

Police say an officer found a van parked on the side of Carder Lane Road last Friday, with several large pumpkins inside.  They say the officer approached a man returning to the car from the field.  The man, Michael Bono, 31, of Frankfort, told the officer he had permission from the owner to take the pumpkins.  But police say when the officer tried to contact the owner, Bono confessed that he did not have permission and was alone.

Police say the officer then used a thermal imager to scan the area and found two more people in the field.  Police say both suspects revealed themselves and surrendered.

Bono, Aaron Kinch, 21, of Frankfort, and Michael Witt, 18, also of Frankfort, have all been charged with petit larceny.  All three were released and due back in court at a later date.

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