Rash of unsolved burglaries may lead to new policies

By WKTV News

UTICA, NY (WKTV) - As Utica Police continue to search for the suspect in the the Bank of America armed robbery in Utica a week ago, they are now talking to bank employees about what to do in the event of a robbery.

There have been four unsolved bank robberies in Utica since November.

The suspect in last week's robbery, on Mohawk Street fired a gun.

One of the ideas being discussed is putting plain clothed officers inside the bank. It is a practice widely used around the country.

Utica Police Captain Jim Watson says in addition to following up on leads, police are trying to stop the next robbery before it happens.

"We'll talk about methods of preserving evidence, things that maybe their employees aren't really familiar with," Watson said. "We'll also talk about their procedures; each bank has their own set of policies and procedures when it comes to a robbery occurring at their banks"

Back in November, the Federal Credit Union on Genesee Street was robbed. Then in January First Source fell victim to the same fate. And there is a $25,000 award for information leading to the arrest of the Empower Federal Credit Union robbery.

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