String of violent deaths involving children raises concerns of domestic violence


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The shooting death of three-month-old Eithen Theall on Tuesday, allegedly at the hands of his own father, 21-year-old Adam Theall, has domestic violence victim advocates in central New York concerned.

Natalie Brown, executive director of the YWCA in Utica, says it's not at all uncommon for abusers to threaten suicide or threaten to harm pets or even their own children.

"... that's a common threat; it's a manipulative tool to control someone," says Brown.

Brown says YWCA staff will be keeping an eye out for increased calls to their domestic violence hotline in light of the shooting death today of three-month-old Eithen Theall in Blossvale.

"Our concern is that people that are currently in this situation or that have been in this situation this, it validates some of their worst fears, it can be used by the abuser as a validation that this might happen to you'" .

The YWCA's 24-hour domestic violence hotline is 797-7740.

In Herkimer, domestic violence support is provided by Cathlic Charities in Herkimer at 866-0458.

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