Rome man loses son and grandson at the hands of violence; murder suspect back in Rome


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Fugitive Bobby Ray Hunt arrived back in Rome Wednesday evening. He had been awaiting extradition in North Carolina.

U.S. Marshals arrested Hunt in Fayette, North Carolina for allegedly shooting 20-year-old Jadreck Baker in Rome following an early morning argument on May 2nd.

Bobby Ray Hunt was escorted into the Rome police department by Hero Officer Donald Moore, who shot and killed the AT&T Shooter.

Jadreck Bakers father, Terrance Corbett, laid eyes on the man he believes killed his son, Bobby Ray Hunt, for the first time Wednesday night as he walked into the police department. Corbett can't contain the anger he feels at the loss of his son, and while Hunt is innocent until proven guilty, Corbett has his own mind made up.

"He doesn't deserve to hit the streets again, ever," Corbett said. "He's an animal, he's no longer a person, when he can shoot people and not even care about it."

The death of Corbett's son Jadreck Baker is one of many tragedies he's struggling with. Not only has he lost a son at the hands of violence, he's also lost a grandson, Eithen Theall.

3 month-old Eithan Theall was brutally shot by his own father, Adam Theall on Tuesday. Corbett said that Adam Theall was abusive to Eithen's mother, Jamie Baker (sister of Jadreck Baker), often hitting her.

"Eithen Theall was Jamie's baby," Corbett said. "He was shot to death in Blossvale and we're trying to deal with that now. Its been tough, real tough. But the family will be awful happy to know that he's (Bobby Ray Hunt) here. They will be happy."

Corbett says regardless of the outcome the justice system finds for fugitive Bobby Ray Hunt, or the man who killed his grandson, Adam Theall, nothing can change what has happened to him and his family.

"They can never be replaced," Corbett said. "Never to hug or hold or kiss or tell him I love him. I feel the same for the baby. He should be locked up forever. He will hurt another person if he does and he should never have that right."

Bobby Ray Hunt is being held at the Rome Police Department overnight. He'll be arraigned on Thursday at 9a.m. He's expected to face at least one charge of murder.

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