Day 2 of trial for man accused of fracturing baby daughter's bones

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The trial of a Rome man accused of abusing his newborn daughter continued Tuesday in Oneida County Court in Utica.

The prosecution's witnesses took the stand on Tuesday in the trial of Jonathon Greener, 20, of Rome. Greener is charged with five counts of second-degree assault for allegedly fracturing six of baby Jaylee's bones from November 2011 to January 2012.

On the stand at noon was the infant's mother and Greener's live-in girlfriend at the time of the incidents who testified that Greener caused intentional harm to the infant. She testified that she saw Greener roughly throw down the baby's arms and legs on multiple occasions and was constantly manhandling the baby.

During opening arguments on Monday, the defense said that through their witnesses, they intend to prove that the baby has what's known as brittle bone disease.

Testimony is expected to carry on throughout Tuesday afternoon and into the next few days.

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