UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - He stopped talking to police last week, but he spoke with a NEWSChannel 2 news crew Wednesday afternoon outside his Jay Street apartment where his baby was last seen. While he wasn't willing to talk on camera, yet, Jevon Wameling, the father of missing baby Levon Wameling, had a lot to say about the May 29 disappearance of his nine-month-old son, Levon Wameling. Wameling addressed the first and foremost question on everyone's mind: why didn't he immediately report his son missing to police instead of waiting two weeks to bring the baby's disappearance to light? "I was hoping to find him and not have to tell his mother that I lost our son. I mean, that is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life," said Jevon Wameling. Wameling added that he doesn't blame people for drawing conclusions about him having a role in his son's disappearance. "I'd be wrong to be mad at people for looking at me like that," said Wameling. Wameling told police he was locked out of his apartment and was trying to get back in when his son vanished from the front porch. He said he planned for Levon and had wanted a son, badly. He says he didn't harm his only child. "I would never hurt my baby. He's got my full name...That's all I've ever done in my life I was proud of," said Wameling. Wameling said he has been out looking for his son and hanging flyers with his photo on them. Utica Police would not comment on whether or not Wameling offered them a similar explanation for waiting two weeks to report his son missing. They said it's their policy not to publicly disclose statements from potential witnesses or suspects in what could turn out to be a criminal case. Wameling said he will speak on camera about his son's disappearance in the near future. He said he's trying to coordinate a joint statement with the baby's mother.