Missing baby case takes investigators to landfill


AVA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The search for missing nine-month old Levon Wameling lead Utica Police to the Ava Landfill on Thursday.

Utica Police were clandestine about what exactly they were doing inside the landfill, declining to even use the word, "search". They said that they've been working closely with a person from the national headquarters for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children whose expertise is searching landfills. One thing they've learned: your garbage is tracked pretty closely once it leaves your house.

That's just not picked up and dumped somewhere. It's actually very specific. They have technology that tracks garbage from each individual area and dumps it in a particular area in the dump," said UPD Sgt. Steve Hauck.

Hauck also said that special attention has been paid to preserving the area where the garbage from where baby Levon was last seen, is dumped.

"From a day after Levon was missing the area that would be our focus here has been roped off and has been isolated. No more garbage has gone there. It's been secured since that day," said Hauck.

Hauck didn't know the exact size of the contingent of officers inside the landfill on Thursday. He did say that one of the things they learned in working closely with NCMEC's landfill expert is that anyone searching a landfill must wear special hazmat suits and be innoculated.

Media were not allowed anywhere near the landfill, but rather, were directed to conduct UPD interviews on the road leading into the landfill. Sgt. Hauck says it was landfill officials who asked media to leave the visitor parking lot.

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