Neighbors unsettled following Rome's third and fourth homicides of year


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Lucia Camuglia of Rome wouldn't go near, much less open her door Tuesday morning until we identified ourselves as a NEWSChannel 2 news crew.

"Keep your doors locked and your curtains closed, stay in the house, don't go out," said the petite, white-haired Myrtle Street resident of the warnings on her TV all morning.

Camuglia lives on the same street where a brutal, early-morning stabbing left Stephanie Morrison, 22, and Shawn Kessler, 31, dead.

David Thompson's property borders the yard of the home where the fatal stabbings took place.

"Well when I came out this morning I noticed the police had everything taped off. One of my neighbors over there said someone just got stabbed. A murder happened. I was like 'in Rome? I was like...picket fences out here," said the shocked, New Jersey native.

The deaths of Morrison and Kessler are the third and fourth homicides in Rome since March.

"I've lived in Rome for like 15 years now and I mean, four murders in a couple of months is definitely unusual," says neighbor Yolanda Velazquez.

Unusual and troubling, for many Romans, on many levels.

"It's devastating for something that close in the neighborhood. I understand there's a child. I feel for the child. I feel for that child, won't have anybody because of somebody else's stupidity," says neighbor Marva Carr.

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