Rapper Ja Rule released from Mid-State Correctional Facility

By AP/NEWSChannel 2

ALBANY, N.Y. - Platinum-selling rapper Ja Rule has been released from Mid-State Correctional Facility on Thursday morning.

He's served most of a two-year sentence for illegal gun possession.

However, the rapper won't be going home. He'll be going straight into federal custody to finish up time left on a 28-month sentence for tax evasion.

Jeff Atkins, a.k.a. Ja Rule, was discharged at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday from the Mid-State Correctional Facility to the custody of the US Marshalls due to the existence of a Federal detainer. Officials said that Atkins has successfully served 6/7 of his full two-year term and as such, is eligible for release under statute. Additionally, in accordance with the New York State Supreme Court sentence imposed on June 8, 2011, Atkins will be required to serve a period of Post-Release Supervision until August, 2014 under NYS DOCCS upon completion of his Federal sentence.

Inmates serving determinate sentences do not appear before the Parole Board for release consideration. Instead, a Time Allowance Committee (TAC) conducts a paper review of the offender's institutional record to determine whether an offender should be released upon their conditional release date. In Atkins case, the TAC reviewed his record in late November, 2012 and he was granted approval.

Atkins was received into DOCCS custody on June 10, 2011 with an earliest release date of February 21, 2013. He was transferred to the Mid-State Protective Custody Unit on July 21, 2011 and remained there throughout his incarceration. While incarcerated, officials said Atkins received two misbehavior reports (unauthorized calls on 2/27/12 and 2/29/12) and served in various assignments (lawn and grounds, porter, education programs).

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