Twins arrested in bizarre sequence of events in Utica

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Two men have been arrested following unusual circumstances after a large fight in the area of Wager and Schuyler Streets, Saturday night.
According to Police, at approximately 11:06 p.m. Officers responded to a scene of a large fight, and learned that a firearm had been potentially used in the incident.
Upon arrival on the scene at 1111 Schuyler St., Police learned that Sanel Nadarevic, 20, of Utica, was having a rap battle with another person, when he became agitated and fired his gun off three times, and then fled the scene.
Officers began searching for the suspect, and conducted a traffic stop of a motor vehicle on the 600 block of Plant St., where Nadarevic fled from the passenger seat of the car and police continued to pursue him on foot.
Officers Sean Burnis and Daniel Gymburch were the officers on scene, and Gymburch eventually tackled Nadarevic to the ground, and recovered a .22 caliber handgun that had fallen off his person.
Around the same time, also on Plant St., Sanel's brother, Salmin Nadarevic, 20, threatened to shoot a child of another person at the scene. According to officials, he picked up a rock and threw it at the person, striking him in the head.
Salmin then proceeded to attempt to strike the same person with a beer bottle, but was halted by the Officers, who used a TASER to take him into custody. The victim who had been struck by the rock fled the scene, and Police were unable to locate him following the incident.
While the twin Nadarevic brothers were being taken into custody, the family of the twins began making threats and taunted the arresting officers.
Both men have been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, and Salmin Nadarevic has been charged additionally with menacing, and resisting arrest.
New York State Police assisted on the scene, and more charges against the twins are likely in the near future.


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