Authorities raid head shops for illegal bath salts

By WKTV News

Officials are cracking down on the sale of bath salts nationwide and federal agents and several other law enforcement agencies conducted raids at several head shop locations on Wednesday, including shops in the Mohawk Valley.

Authorities say details of enforcement efforts will be disclosed later, but sources say Tebb's Head Shop, which has locations in Utica, Herkimer, Oneida, Syracuse, and Fulton, was a target.

Some employees were seen taken away in handcuffs on Wednesday.

The raids follow the passage of a federal law that bans the sale of bath salts. President Barack Obama signed a bill into law earlier this month that bans the sale, production and possession of more than two dozen of the most common bath salt drugs.

There are reports that stores in several other states were raided at the same time and the Drug Enforcement Agency plans on releasing more information later Wednesday morning and at a news conference scheduled for Thursday.

Police are raiding shops across New York suspected of selling illegal synthetic drugs, including so-called "bath salts" that were recently banned by federal law.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office recently filed lawsuits in 12 counties accusing 16 stores of violating state labeling laws, after investigators found head shop employees selling mislabeled bath salts.

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