Former Trenton Town Supervisor sentenced to two years


The former long-time head of the Oneida County Republican Party is headed to state prison for sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy.

In May, a jury convicted former Oneida County Republican Chair and Tenton Town Supervisor Mark Scheidelman of sexually abusing the boy, who was the nephew of a man living in Scheidelman's Barneveld home.

He and a few other boys were spending the night last November when they say the abuse happened. The boys said Scheidelman touched one of them on his private area.

At Scheidelman's sentencing on Tuesday, his defense attorney referred to the boy as an 'alleged victim,' claiming the abuse never happened, asking how a 2-second touch that he believes was innocent and not criminal, could ruin a child's life.

The prosecution read a letter from the 10 year old victim.

"Please put Mark in jail for five years," Prosecutor Dawn Catera Lupi read from the letter. "I don't want Mark around kids when he gets out. Mark, you gross me out. I didn't want to go to trial. I was scared to tell anyone what happened. I didn't want to keep thinking about what you did to me anymore."

The child's mother spoke also, saying she is haunted by her failure to protect her child and worried about how this will affect him for the rest of his life.

Scheidelman declined to speak.

The judge sentenced him to two years in state prison, but his attorney says he will appeal.

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