BOONVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Boonville man is facing charges after he allegedly made nearly 200 calls to his estranged girlfriend just a week after the couple was involved in a domestic dispute, according to police. Boonville Police say 29-year-old Michael Gerace was arrested on January 3 and was given a court order to stay away from and not contact his girlfriend, 42-year-old Heather MacDougall. Gerace allegedly continued to call and text MacDougall, making threats and demanding she return his calls, authorities say. Gerace even made contact with MacDougall while she was filing the complaint. When police answered his call, Gerace asked police to forward his messages to her. Gerace was arrested again on January 7 and was changed with aggravated harassment and criminal contempt. In January of 2012, Gerace was arrested for badly damaging a vehicle owned by his estranged ex-wife during an argument.