Sexual Abuse trial of Trenton Town Supervisor underway


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Trenton Town Supervisor Mark Scheidelman still has that title, pending the outcome of his sexual abuse trial and that trial began on Monday.

Scheidelman is charged with one count of sexual abuse.

Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Dawn Catera Lupi told an Oneida County jury late Monday afternoon in her opening statements that she will prove Scheidelman did indeed touch the private parts of a 10 year old boy.

Catera Lupi told jurors Scheidelman had been allowing a friend of his, and his friend's seven year old son to stay at his Trenton home last fall, and they had a sleep over last November 11th, inviting three other young boys, including the 10 year old alleged victim.

Catera Lupi said at one point the seven year old boy who was staying at the Scheidelman home snuck into Schiedelman's bedroom and pulled out a rubber sex toy from Scheidelman's dresser drawer and was waving it around in front of the other three boys in the bedroom next to Scheidelman's.

She said later in the night, all four boys were in that same bedroom next to Scheidelmans when Scheidelman told the boys, "Aren't you too warm in there?" and asked them to come into his room.

That's when the boys started wrestling with each other and Scheidelman.

Catera Lupi says at one point Scheidelman inappropriately touched a ten year old boy and she will prove that over the next four days.

Defense attorney George Aney says the prosecution will not be able to prove Scheidelman inappropriately touched the one boy because he never did, and he says Scheidelman will testify himself.

Other witnesses set to testify this week include the 10 year old alleged victim, his now 13 year old brother whom prosecutors say witnessed the incident and state police investigators.

They will also hear an audio taped interview by state police of Mark Scheidelman.

The trooper who conducted the questioning at Scheidelman's home a few days after the incident was reported to police by the parents of the alleged victim never told Scheidelman he was recording the interview.

The trial will resume Wednesday morning at 10 a.m., not Tuesday, because the prosecutor has a prior commitment.

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