Swift moving text message scaring residents away from the mall

By WKTV News

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - A startling message is circulating via text message as well as on social media sites, telling people to stay away from Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford.

NEWSChannel 2 has received several calls into the newsroom in regards to the message, which says " Do not go near Sangertown Mall there r issues cops r on special assignments there...think of Colorado incident."

New Hartford Police say there may be increased security in the area surrounding the mall on Thursday in response to the text message.

On Wednesday afternoon the New Hartford Police Department was contacted by Sangertown Mall authorities in regards to a posting that was brought to their attention on an on-line blog. The blog was discussing the Colorado shooting when a participant of the blog posted "Next attack will be in NY at Sangertown Mall".

The New Hartford Police Department says that it is currently working with Yahoo, the site of the blog, in an attempt to identify the person responsible for posting the comment.

Police said that on Thursday morning a message was sent on Twitter stating "In case you don't know already, DON'T GO TO SANGERTOWN MALL TODAY!" Police say it is unknown if the threats are connected at this time.

Police Chief Michael Inserra says that these threats are being taken seriously and are being actively investigated. Uniform patrols have been increased and Officers have been placed in Sangertown Mall.

Outside agencies including the FBI have been advised of the investigation.

Threats of this nature are in violation of the New York State Penal Law and considered to be a terroristic threat, a class D Felony.

Sangertown Square Mall officials so far have no comment on the issue.

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