UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The prosecution has rested and now the jury waits until Thursday, when they'll hear from the defendant himself, Trenton Town Supervisor Mark Scheidelman. Scheidelman is accused of touching a 10 year old boy and on Wednesday in Oneida County Court, that child took the witness stand in Scheidelman's sex abuse trial, as did the mother of the alleged victim. The alleged incident happened at a home Scheidelman shares with the child's uncle during a weekend sleepover at the house back in November. In earlier statements to officials, the child said that Scheidelman touched him outside his clothing. On Wednesday, his assertion on the stand was that the Trenton Town Supervisor touched him underneath his pants. The defense pointed out the inconsistencies and a State Police investigator assigned to the Child Advocacy Center in Utica said such inconsistencies are very common. "Their first disclosure is just a bare bones disclosure," said Investigator Todd Grant of the Child Advocacy Center during testimony. "They're very embarrassed, they're shy, they're talking to somebody that they haven't met before and it's a process. It's not just an event." The defense asked the investigator why he secretly recorded an initial interview with Scheidelman when he first went to his home unannounced, but did not record any of the interviews with the child witnesses. The investigator said that was because he knew the jury would hear directly from the witnesses but that they might not hear directly from the defendant. The judge told jurors late Wednesday afternoon that the defense might have a witness and Scheidelman's attorney told NEWSChannel 2 that the defendant, himself, will take the stand. They're back in session at 10 am on Thursday.