Dogs removed from kennel in Worcester amid investigation into neglect


WORCESTER, N.Y. (WKTV) - A veterinarian, members of the Susquehanna SPCA, and a New York State Trooper removed 19 dogs from Southside Farms in Worcester on Tuesday.

Just last week, another 26 dogs were taken from the kennel.

"What concerned me was the weight and size of the animals," says State Trooper Walter Schliermann. "Quite noticeable were the ribs of the dogs and their bones were very defined and you could see the structure of the animal very easily."

At the end of December, State Police received a complaint of malnourished dogs at Southside Farms. When law enforcement first investigated, they gave the owners a deadline to make improvements. As of Tuesday, the conditions had not changed.

Now, clinicians and police are bringing the dogs out of the kennel and into a veterinarian's office to be evaluated and treated. After being examined, the animals find temporary residence in a number of other local shelters.

"What they are doing is examining the dogs, taking a look at the dogs and any issues with their weight or size or any injuries, the veterinarians are looking at and determining what dogs will be removed at that time," says Trooper Schliermann.

As the dogs were removed from the kennel, spines and protruding ribs were visibly noticeable. Clinicians pointed out that some of the tails are infected.

The veterinarian on scene also said that many of the dogs removed last week had a serious case of worms. She believes many of animals taken on Tuesday are also infected on top of being malnourished.

Trooper Schliermann says he is in contact with the Otsego County District Attorney's office and is compiling evidence. As of now, no criminal charges have been filed.

"The investigation is continuing, it is going to be furthered," says Trooper Schliermann. "It is not going to end today. So there will be additional visits to examine additional dogs on the premise."

NEWSChannel 2 reached out to Frank Popolozio, the owner of the kennel numerous times, but he has not returned any of our calls.

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