Hartwick College fraternity members not talking after hazing lawsuit filed


ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Michael Warren used to attend Hartwick College. He left the school and enrolled in a school on Long Island. However, he still has ties to the Oneonta school - legal ties.

Warren, who is from Brooklyn, filed a lawsuit last week against Hartwick College, the Alpha Delta Omega Fraternity and seven members of that fraternity for an alleged hazing incident he says went way too far.

Warren told Oneonta Police in April 2010 that he was struck with a wooden paddle on his backside repeatedly, and then he was left inside a small bathroom all night with loud music blasting and a strobe light blinking for roughly twelve hours. Warren says he went to an Oneonta Hospital for treatment when he was let out.

This is an incident his attorney has said has left him with numerous health problems.

Someone inside the Alpha Delta Omega House on Elm Street in Oneonta came to the door on Monday, but never opened it. Instead, you could see the blinds move and then you can hear that person lock the door on our WKTV crew.

Some in Oneonta aren't surprised by the hazing allegations. It's a town known for its colleges. Oneonta resident Dave Kachel believes hazing happens in all fraternities,

"Oh definitely," Kachel said. "I believe a lot of stuff happens in the colleges that people don't know. I have had family that have gone to college. Boys are going to be boys."

But the boys living in Alpha Delta Omega frat house on Elm Street may have gone too far last year. Oneonta police filed first-degree hazing charges against seven members of Alpha Delta Omega after the incident was reported by Warren.

The case was dismissed due to time limits and the lack of a speedy trial, but police told WKTV Monday afternoon the case against those seven is in the process of being re-filed.

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