ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Hartwick College student has been charged after authorities say he made a terrorist threat against the college to another student via social media. According to Oneonta Police, Christopher Delgado, 18, of the Bronx was at home on break when he sent a Facebook message to another Hartwick student. In the message, police said Delgado made specific threats against Hartwick College and the students, saying he was going to "firebomb a boiler room and shoot the students as they ran out." The student who received the message contacted Hartwick College security who then contacted Oneonta Police, who opened an investigation into the matter. When Delgado showed up on campus for the start of the Spring semester, Hartwick Security spoke to him and they say he admitted making the threats. Campus Security then brought Delgado to Oneonta Police where detectives spoke with him and say he admitted to them about making the threats. "He was cooperative he admitted to making the threats almost word for word for what he had written across the social media and he was cooperative with us which is almost scary," said Lieutenant Douglas Brenner. Lieutenant Brenner went on to say that officers described Delgado as "emotionally flat" as he was talking to them. Oneonta Police said they found that Delgado had no weapons or means to carry out the threats on him or in his dorm. He was charged with making a terroristic threat, which is a felony, arraigned in front of a City of Oneonta judge and then sent to the Otsego County Jail on $1,000 bail. As of Wednesday night he was still there. "The Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Campus Safety would like to stress that there were no overt actions taken by the alleged party and there was no imminent threat or danger to the campus community at any time," said Dr. Meg Nowak, Vice President of Student Affairs of Hartwick College in a letter distributed to students on campus. "Law enforcement has determined that there is no evidence to suggest Mr. Delgado had either the intent or means to act upon his comment. Mr. Delgado is not on campus and is suspended pending a campus hearing. Community safety depends on everyone's participation. Thank you to the person who shared this information with Campus Safety."