No early settlement in Oneonta Police brutality case


ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Attorneys met behind closed doors at Oneonta's City Hall on Tuesday to discuss the Bradford Shanks police brutality case.

Oneonta resident Bradford Shanks says local police offers violated his civil rights and now he's taking his case to court, suing the city for $1 million. Shanks claims he was violently beaten by police officers in January, and that officers refused to give him the medical attention he needed. Although he's told his story before, he told it again Tuesday behind closed doors.

The purpose of Tuesday's hearing was to permit the city to have an opportunity to investigate the claim.

"No settlement was reached today, and I feel good about the city's defense," said Gregg Johnson, the litigation attorney for the City of Oneonta.

Johnson says the city did not discuss a resolution Tuesday, and he thinks the one million dollar claim against the city is "exaggerated."

In an e-mail to NewsChannel 2, Shank's attorney, Bryan Konoski, says he's not just looking for a settlement, he's also looking for widespread changes to the Oneonta Police Department.

"Right now, I don't think there is any trust whatsoever in the Oneonta Police Department," wrote Konoski.

Oneonta Mayor Dick Miller says that on behalf of the city, he has "no comment" on the case so far.

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