Oneonta man with history of arson charged in overnight fire

By WKTV News

ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A 22 year old man with a history of arson has been charged in connection with an overnight fire in the City of Oneonta.

Police say Gable Bugel, 22, of Oneonta, was charged with attempted third-degree arson for allegedly setting a fire behind Community Bank on Main Street around 11:45 p.m. Sunday night.

Lt. Dennis Nayor of the Oneonta Police Department said that this fire was separate from the series of several fires in the city over the weekend, that had begun Friday afternoon.

Those fires heavily damaged a vacant home on Fair Street and the Habitat for Humanity office at 50 Dietz Street, while a garage on Eighth Street was gutted and nearby homes at some of the fire sites had minor damage. No residents or bystanders were injured in the fires, but a firefighter suffered a minor back injury. He was not hospitalized.

Bugel was arraigned Monday afternoon and sent to the Otsego County Jail.

The Oneonta Daily Star reports that Bugle was sentenced to five years probation for his role in a Halloween night fire in 2007, where two dumpsters in the alley of Dietz Street were set on fire and the flames spread into a building. That fire left seven people homeless and three businesses were damaged. Bugle is still on probation, the Daily Star reports.

The series of fires over the weekend remain open and under investigation.

"At this point, we are still waiting to determine the cause and origin of each," Lt. Nayor said. "They are being treated as suspicious until being ruled otherwise."

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