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Rome Police expect murder suspect in local courtroom next week


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Both had a criminal past, now one is dead and the other is set to be extradited from North Carolina to face murder charges.

Police caught up with suspect Bobby Ray Hunt, 34, on Friday, but he's not expected in a local courtroom until late next week.

"Rome PD is making arrangements right now with the U.S. Marshall's New York/New Jersey task force to put something together to go pick him up, pick him up by air, and fly him back," said Rome Public Safety Commissioner James Masucci. "Then, Rome PD will take custody of him at whatever airport they're going to land in."

"We don't have a timeframe right now, but I would hope if things go right, I would hope by the end of next week, we'll have him here in Rome," Masucci said. "When he gets back, he'll be arraigned on the warrant, a murder warrant for him."

Police say Hunt killed Jadreck Baker, 20, two weeks ago following an argument. Authorities have not recovered the long gun they believe Hunt used to kill Baker.

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