Command Post to run through the night as Manhunt continues


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Oneida County Sheriff Deputy, Captain Richard Antanavige, said late Thursday night a command post will be set up throughout the night while the search for Brian Brown continues.

"We have had K-9's in the field and we believe we have searched all the areas we think he would be hiding, so now it is a matter of a waiting game to see if he moves or for us to determine if he is not here anymore," Antanavige said.

Antanavige says it is a strong possibility the suspect is no longer in the woods since it was a good 20 minutes from the time the alleged shooter fled police and they were able to surround the area.

"Based upon experts we had here from the different agencies there is a good possibility he got through the perimeter."

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