Jury deliberates the fate of Brian Brown


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The jury in the attempted murder and robbery trial of Brian Brown went home late Friday afternoon after two hours of deliberations, and without reaching a verdict.

Brown is accused of robbing Bank of America in east Utica in May and NBT Bank in Rome in July. He's also accused of shooting Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Burger in the ankle following the NBT robbery.

Brown himself took the witness stand on his own behalf today, alternating between answering questions about his involvement in all three crimes, and denying he was ever in any of the banks.

"Did you and your cousin Ikiko plan to rob that bank? Yes or no?" asked prosecutor Kurt Hameline.

"Did we plan to rob the bank? I had plans in robbing that bank, yeah, said Brown.

Several minutes later, Brown denied involvement in the robberies.

"Like I said before man it wasn't me that ran up in those banks at all."

Brown said he never meant to hit, let alone kill, deputy Burger when he shot at him; that he was just trying to get away from the officer. Prosecutors said the fact that Brown opened fire first, and shot at the deputy while the officer was actually moving away from Brown in an attempt to get cover suggests that Brown was trying to kill Burger.

Jurors late Friday afternoon told the judge they needed to adjourn until Monday morning at 10:00. They also said the first things they want to see and hear at that time are all exhibits relating to the reading to Brown of his miranda rights.

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