ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Rome Police are continuing their investigation into the death of an 11 month-old child. On Tuesday evening, April 17, an autopsy was conducted on the body of the 11 month-old child. As a result of the autopsy and police investigation, police say it has been determined that the child died as a result of sleeping on a couch, face down, which caused the couch cushions to block the child's airway. Police said the investigation thus far has determined that the child, identified as 11 month-old Kaitlyn Tennant, was sleeping on a living room couch with her mother, identified as 30 year-old Heather L. Larsen, and two other young siblings. At some time during the night, while the family members and Kaitlyn were sleeping on the couch, police said Kaitlyn Tennant's legs became trapped between the couch cushions resulting in her body becoming face down on the couch This caused her airway to become blocked and she subsequently died. Rome Police said the investigation into this incident is continuing and Rome Police detectives are being assisted by members of the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center.