Teens accused of Thanksgiving Eve murder on Dudley Ave offered plea deal


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The two 19 year olds from Utica accused of shooting 66 year old George Garrow in his Dudley Avenue home the night before last Thanksgiving have been offered a plea deal by prosecutors.

Trevon Patterson and Robert Thompson, both 19, are both charged with second degree murder and attempted robbery.

Last week in court, during Trevon Patterson's arraignment, prosecutors reserved the right with the judge to use statements Patterson made to Utica police investigators last December, during a possible trial.

Monday morning, it was announced during the pre-trial hearing for both defendants that a plea deal has been offered to both Patterson and Thompson, but there is no word on what that plea deal actually is.

However, Patterson's defense attorney, Les Lewis, says that much was talked about during an out of courtroom meeting.

"A conference was held between all the parties to the proceeding, the attorneys representing the defendants, the judge, the district attorneys, for an attempt at trying to resolve certain issues in the case, and nothing's been resolved," Lewis said. "I can't discuss anything about any negotiations that are ongoing, whether or not they're productive, whether they're realistic or anything about it."

Trevon Patterson is due in court on July 6 to let Judge Michael Dwyer know if he wants to accept the plea deal.

Robert Thompson is scheduled for the same proceeding on July 8.

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