UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - An iPhone app is credited with leading police to three women who worked together to steal another woman's wallet early Sunday morning. According to Utica Police, the three women stole the wallet from the Strut bar on Burnet Street in the city. 23-year-old Brittany Surace, 26-year-old Angela Tublewicz and 18-year-old Ashley Kroll left Utica and were taken into custody at Deerfield Corners. Police say a witness to the theft provided a license plate number and authorities were able to track the suspects' movement from the "Track my iPhone" app. All three women were charged with grand larceny and unlawful possession of marijuana. Additionally Kroll was charged with unlawful possession of alcohol under the age of 21 and drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle while operating on a highway. The stolen items were recovered.