Man accused of recent bank robberies offered plea deal


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - One of two cousins accused in two recent bank robberies got a plea offer today from the Oneida County District Attorney's Office.

Prosecutors say Brian Brown was the actual hold up man in both the Bank of America robbery on Mohawk Street in Utica, and the robbery of the NBT Bank in Rome. They also say he is the one who shot Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Burger in the foot following the NBT Bank robbery.

The D.A.'s Office is offering 30 years to life in prison in exchange for a guilty plea to aggravated attempted murder. A 25 year sentence for a guilty plea to first degree robbery would be absorbed into the 30-year sentence. Brown's cousin, Ikiko Brown, was offered a determinate 30-year sentence in exchange for two guilty pleas to two first-degree robbery charges. Prosecutors say his sentence doesn't have life in prison on the back end because he was merely the getaway driver, not the actual hold up man or gunman.

Prosecutors say they do not need the cousins to turn on each other.

"The case is extremely strong so we don't need cooperation, we're not looking for cooperation, at this point, we're not willing to make any kind of an offer or any kind of a deal for cooperation," says prosecutor Kurt Hameline.

Brown is due back in court September 27th to decide on the plea offer.

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