Man filing suit against City of Utica for false arrest


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Utica man who was accused by police of beating up his mother, but had the charges dropped by prosecutors is now going after the City of Utica for falsely being arrested.

Matthew Cuda, 52, was arrested earlier this year for allegedly attacking his own mother, but he says, and she has said, that never happened. The elderly woman says she never told police her son beat her up.

Back in January, during a snowstorm, Cuda drove his mother, Joya Cuda to Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown to be treated, instead of going to a hospital in the Utica area.

He said that he didn't trust the local hospitals to treat her, but Cooperstown Police were called in, and they called Utica Police, who arrested Cuda for assault, after talking to doctors at the hospital.

Prosecutors dropped the assault case against Matthew Cuda two weeks ago.

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