Neighbors say father of missing baby seen scaling home


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Neighbors were quick to talk about Jevon Wameling, the father of the missing nine month old baby in Utica, saying he had some strange habits.

They say despite that, they were all shocked by the news that the nine month old disappeared weeks ago. They said that the family lived in the Jay Street home for three years and that Jevon Wameling had been seen scaling the side of his home in the past.

Neighbors, even landlord Guy Palmieri, hardly ever saw the baby.

"Three weeks ago when I talked to him, at that time, everything seemed to be fine," Palmieri said. "Other then that, I am just really surprised, more surprised when I heard it took two weeks."

The landlord was called by his downstairs tenant and informed of the news.

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