Shooting victim identified, uncooperative with police


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - His leg wound was open but his lips were sealed.

Utica's latest shooting victim, Mario Magasis, 32, of Utica, was shot in the leg around 7 Tuesday night on Kemble Street near Grove Place.

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams says Magasis basically laughed in investigators' faces when they attempted to question him about the identity of the person who shot him.

Chief Williams says such stonewalling is not uncommon in high-crime areas, and that it not only makes the investigation more difficult, it puts officers on high alert for the possibility of retaliatory shootings.

"Here's the thing. One unresolved shooting will lead to possibly two, three other shootings, because now there's a revenge factor that's involved," Chief Williams said.

Williams says Magasis has a criminal record and police are exploring his criminal history for clues as to why someone would want to shoot the man.

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