Summer of gunfire continues in City of Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The summer of gunfire continued in the city of Utica on Monday night, with two shootings that happened within two hours of each other, one on the city's west side and one on the east side. It brings the total of 'shots fired' incidents up to 25 so far for the month of August.

Utica police were patrolling the Schuyler Street area in west Utica around 10:20 when they saw someone fire shots at a house at the corner of Schuyler and Wager Streets from the back seat of a grey Jeep. Lisa Murdock's nieces and nephews, ages four, eight and 11, were in the house at the time, along with her sister.

"It went through my sister's house, the side of the house, implanted in her kitchen counter," says Murdock. "They was at the table she was getting ready to feed them."

The suspects took off on foot. Police caught one of the three trying to scale a fence. Officers say they found a 45mm handgun and several packages of heroin and crack inside the car. Twenty-three-year-old Antar Handy Spencer, of Brooklyn, is under arrest for criminal possession of a weapon and a controlled substance.

Two hours after the west Utica shooting, a report of shots fired on the 500 block of Nichols Street in east Utica. This time, three people were injured, but not seriously. Police aren't yet releasing their names or ages.

The shootings happened within two hours of one another and police confiscated a gun and several packages of drugs at one incident. Yet officials stop short of declaring it a drug-related turf war.

"They were very close in proximity to each other so it's something we'll take a look at and say are they related or not," says Sgt. Steve Hauck of UPD.

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