Wild Boar shot and killed by police in Utica after becoming aggressive


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Wednesday afternoon, Utica police responded to the call of two wild boars in East Utica around Bleeker Street near Masonic Home, and when they arrived, were met face to face with a wild boar.

Sergeant Steve Hauck received the call from one of the two officers who responded, his response, what anyone else's would've been.

"It was really shock, I had to ask him several times what he was talking about," said Sgt. Hauck. "You don't except to hear them shooting a wild animal like that in the city limits."

Sgt. Hauck says the animal was a male wild boar approximately 200-250 lbs.

The two officers were able to get the animal into an enclosed area, but were forced to shoot when it became aggressive towards them.

"It was described to me when they got it into an area where it couldn't run out it started making aggressive motions towards them and started making growling noises," said Sgt. Hauck. "No time to take any chances there."

The Department of Environmental Conservation now has the animals remains and is trying to determine why it was in the city and acted so hostile.

"For the most part, I haven't heard of many instances in aggression. I was kind of surprised to hear it in this case, but you know, there are other states that have wild populations of of these. They are noted to be aggressive at times, particularly if get cornered," said Andrew MacDuff of the DEC.

Initial reports were that there were two wild boars roaming around so police advise if you see one to stay away and call police.

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