149 employees set to lose jobs, ACS closing


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The New York State Department of Labor announced Tuesday that the Xerox owned student loan processing plant, ACS will close August 1st. The company on Bleecker Street in Utica will begin laying off the 149 employees July 19th.

"What it says is it tells us exactly where we are within our economic conditions within not only the city of Utica, but the country," said Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri.

Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri says the layoffs will not only affect the employees but the local economy too.

"Even if they're not living in the city, they're purchasing goods in the city, going out to eat in the city whatever it may be," said Mayor Palmieri.

Xerox says the almost 150 employees at the plant were notified on Friday.

"We're hopeful to help find them opportunities within the company," said Alexander Charles a spokesperson for Xerox. "Xerox is always trying to grow as a company."

Mayor Palmieri is hopeful the city's growing businesses will help the employees get back to work as well.

"APAC brought in 250 people, we're talking about smaller venues coming in here some restaurants opening up and expansions but when you lose 149 jobs on one spot on Bleeker Street and that's been a stable, its very difficult to overcome that," said Palmieri.

ACS is scheduled to shut down August 1st.

Xerox says that it will maintain a presence at the Bleecker Street site, adding that they have other business units at the site that support other clients.

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